About Ashiyana

Ashiyana is a hotel created by three cousin’s originally born in India.Ashiyana is a Hindi word which means «SweetHome» ,where the family is living happily together.ASHIYANA is based in North Cliff Varkala (Pananasam beach), originally a small fishermen village in south of KERALA, which starts to be well known as a station balneaire and one of the best place to get Ayurvedic Treatment and Yoga Courses. It is designed as Havelitype (Moghol Palace) with a beautiful open inner courtyard garden. The patio has huge pillars and nice arches and is surrounded by large white marble floor. All rooms are king size, simply and delicately decorated with modern fitting attached bathrooms all with bathtubs, and private balconies.The place is quiet and at the same time only 3mn by walk to the beach. You will enjoy staying and relax in our wonderful sweet home where plants and flowers are giving the best of their beauty.
ASHIYANA is made with the energy of 3 cousins originally born in India and living in several parts of Europe. Each cousin has a different experience relating tourism and travel. Fascinated by the beauty of Kerala and particularly Varkala's charming sea side, the family team decided after a travel in 2006, to make their plans for their future life in this wonderful palm trees village side. After few years Ashiyana team decided to make this sweet home and the main aim was to build something which is totally different than other places with positive atmosphere in it.Ashiyana was born on 1st December 2012 with all the empower and passion it has required. Shortly after its opening Ashiyana earn a great name because of its service and hospitality.

Founders of Ashiyana

Tariq and Celine Thulla:-I was born in North of India and has grown in a houseboat family on the wonderful Dal Lake in Srinagar. During all my childhood and Youngman age, I have been trained to the best service and warm hospitality of the inhabitants of the lake to their guests. In Delhi I have been working in a travel agency during years before to meet my wife Celine and start to live in France. Celine is French. She graduated as a textile and fashion designer in Paris and has worked near Lyon in weavin g factory and a man shirting design company.
Arshid Thulla:I was born in north of India in Srinagar, a place which is also known as heaven on earth. Since i was born in the family which has been in tourism trade from many generations i was trained for the same. I have been working in Delhi for several years to expand the family busine ss and to the explore the rest of India. During my time in Delhi in have been interacting with people from all over the world which increased my interest in exploring the rest of India and the whole world. Apart from tourism in Delhi i have also studied computers (programing language) and book-keeping. After learning different things than tourism, i want to do something different for a while, so i worked for Medicines sans frontiers (Doctors without borders) in north India for five years in different fields like project assistant, logistics and security. Since then i have been living in Netherlands doing lot of different jobs and travelling to different places in and outside Europe. Since 2006 i am working on our project "Ashiyana" together with Tariq and Bilal.Since last two years i am living and working in Denmark (Copenhagen) when i am not living in India, to support our project and to continue exploring.
Bilal Ratta:- I have been working in my family business in north of India, Srinagar, where they are having house boats for tourists. So I was working in that business during years. It was very good. Not stress. And easy life work: summer six month and winter six month. All the family was free. What lovely days but problems start in Kashmir. It became very hard for every family to live and support each other’s. Then I start to work at Delhi to sell train tickets and flight tickets. And like everybody I was organizing trips to Kashmir. After that I start some years later my own small travel company named 'Simon Travels' in New Delhi. After that I start marketing.I have travelled all around Europe: Uk, Belgium, Germany, France, Swiss, Spain, Sweden. So now since 14 years I am working for 'Anfi del mar', one of best hotel in Gran Canaries (Spain) and in 2007 I win the best seller price.

About Varkala

Varkala, a calm and quiet hamlet, lies on the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram district. It has several places of tourist interests like a beautiful beach, a 2000-year-old Vishnu Temple and the Ashramam - Sivagiri Mutt a little distance from the beach.The Papanasam beach (also called as Varkala beach), which is ten kilometers away from Varkala, is renowned for the natural spring. It is considered to have medicinal and curative properties. A dip in the holy waters at this beach is believed to purge the body of impurities and the soul of all sins; hence the name 'Papanasam beach'.A two thousand year old shrine the Janardhanaswamy Temple stands on the cliffs overlooking the beach, a short distance away. The Sivagiri Mutt, founded by the great Hindu reformer and philosopher Sree Narayana Guru (1856 - 1928) is also close by. The Samadhi (the final resting place) of the Guru here attracts thousands of devotees every year during the Sivagiri Pilgrimage days - 30th December to 1st January. Sree Narayana Guru propagated the ideology: "one caste, one religion and one god", in a society torn by the taboos of caste system.Varkala offers excellent accommodation facilities for tourists and is fast becoming a popular health resort with many Ayurvedic massage centres.Attractions: Beach, mineral water springs, the Sivagiri Mutt and a 2000-year- old Vishnu Temple